French literature

The project

Building the best website to explore French literature!

How to explore a cultural field as rich as French literature, from the Middle Ages to the present day, without getting lost in the labyrinth of centuries, literary trends, authors and editions? offers a solution to this problem:

  • a clear vision of the authors and the centuries,
  • audio extracts for every authors (in french)
  • presentation of the imaginary world of each author is the best introduction online to the french classics.

Each author has a dedicated space, where his/her life, work and imaginary world are presented in a clear and lively manner.

The aim is to bring the user into the atmosphere, the climate of the author. Correspondence and the author’s voice, when it has been recorded, are privileged tools to try to restore this tone.

A bit like during a wine tasting, the extracts read by the actors are there to give samples and the “taste” of each work.

What remains to be done

august 2021

September 2022

march 2023

Development of the interactive guide

Development of the 70 author spaces.

Complete translation and recording in german and english

About the author...

Matthieu Binder (conception and contents)

Passionate about literature and cultural mediation, I worked between France and Brazil in the framework of the Universidade sem fronteiras programme. I then worked in France on the development of an educational tool for the company Logiways.

I am convinced that today’s internet offers exceptional opportunities to discover literature and its history, through a thorough work between sound, text and image!


Realization of the website : Thomas Grimaud

Reading : Anthony Tricard (compagnie du sûr saut), Nils Macé-Rousseau, Audrey Macé-Rousseau, Loraine Zingari, Véronique Dehant, Tamara Schild, Brigitte Schild